Tuesday, May 15, 2018

3 Effective Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe

Three My Top Tips for Setting Your Wardrobe:

1. Clean it realistically. Store the items you wear on a regular basis, because you already know that they give value. Grab everything else and value each item. Do you still want it? If the answer is no, go straight to the waste pile. Not sure? Try. Does it fit? Does it look good to you? If you're still unsure, think realistically about the circumstances in which you'll wear them again.

This is not always a "throw" process directly; You may find some "winners!" the Forgotten! This process should not all be done in one big meal time, too. You may find it easier to split it into one part of your wardrobe or drawer at a time. If you can spend even 15 minutes each time, you will begin to achieve the results you want quickly. Keep focusing on how satisfied and calm you will feel when you see your clothes lined up neatly and you know where everything is!

The cleaning process can also be beneficial; stained or torn items should be discarded, but good quality clothing that you no longer want can be sold either online or through a recycled clothing boutique. Another option is to donate any clothing that is in good condition to charity or to someone you know who might want to have it.

2. To make it easier to choose clothes when you need them, keep your clothes in logical groups. I have parts for dresses, coats, jumpers, blouses / shirts, skirts, trousers, long-sleeved tops, T-shirts, and tank tops. Looks very neat too!

3. Utilizing storage products. A common mistake people make is to think "I want to organize my stuff, so I have to go out and buy lots of storage products." This is the wrong end of the problem to attack. The problem is you do not know exactly what you'll need until after you've completed the cleaning and group process. Once you've done that, you're ready to assess what kind of storage product you need and how much of each. Look online at the types of storage products available for some inspiration. You can also measure at home to make sure that the product suits your space.

Something that helps keep your clothes neat and also looks good using a good quality coat hanger that's all the same. There are good storage products to keep your shoes neat, and I also like the racks and rails that can be attached to the inside of your wardrobe door or other unobtrusive surfaces to hang items such as belts, scarves and handbags. Professional Organizer calls this "use of vertical space."

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