Friday, May 11, 2018

5 Style Bags You Should Know

Although there are many prints and color bags made by many talented designers, each of these bags may fall into one of these categories; cross body, weekender, tote bag, clutch or backpack. Knowing different bag styles and best use will help you determine when and where your favorite bags are used.

1. Cross body. Cross body bag comes in various sizes and shapes. However, it is most commonly seen in rectangular or rectangular forms. What single out body handbags are their long straps, worn all over the body. The cross body wallet is great because you are hands free and very unlikely to put it down and lose them; making them ideal for shopping and sightseeing.

2. Weekender. Weekender is designed to be the perfect size travel bag for a weekend trip and that, but also much more than that. Some weekend bags are boxed while others are just open bags. Weekend bags can pick up diaper bags, handbags for airplanes, or even use on days when your "basic necessities" list never ends.

3. Tote bag. A handbag is usually a large open bag with a handle at the top. Tote usually does not have a compartment in it. These bags can be used for anything; shopping for groceries, books, laptops or tablets, and so on. If it will fit on the tote it can be brought in it. Because of the various things that must be carried in their tote bags are usually made of strong materials such as canvas.

4. Clutch. The clutch is a relatively small bag held by the hand. Some grips do not have a handle, while others may have very small wrist straps or cutting handle. Clutch is designed only for basic things; phone, debit / credit cards, keys and anything small. Some of the grips are nicer and are meant to be worn in the afternoon while others are relaxed and can be taken anywhere.

5. Hobo bag. The hobo bag is a bag marked with a dirty shape. They are sold in different sizes and colors with straps that can be worn on the shoulder or held in your hand. The hobo bags are made of soft, unstructured fabric that gives the appearance of "dirty" when folds together. These bags are great for storing many items in them and most successfully matched with casual wear.

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