Saturday, May 19, 2018

How To Choose The Best Party Shoes For You

Think about when you go to a party. Your outfit paired with those towering shoes receives many comments. You are beaming with pride, but elsewhere you grimace in pain. Your stylish shoes give you a hard time and you secretly wait to release them from your feet and flex your legs.

This often happens to many women and is the result of poor footwear choices. When we shop for shoes, we mainly pay attention to the look and how well paired with a particular outfit. Thus, the comfort aspect is neglected. This time make a wise choice by choosing the best in design and match.

1. Women have a fetish for high heels because it extends the appearance. However, not all women are able to carry themselves in high heels. Consider the heel height that you are most comfortable wearing.

2. The next important factor you should consider is its size. After all, shoe size affects the comfort you'll enjoy. You definitely will not be comfortable with shoes that are smaller in size or whose designs hurt the toes even though the size fits. Sizes vary by brand and style. Therefore, when buying party shoes, make sure that you wear and move around them to measure the comfort level and how good they are for you.

3. The materials used to make shoes, especially those used on the inside, are also important considerations. It is always a good choice to go to shoes with soft soles; it should be padded on heels and foot balls. Bearing gives you good support especially if you have to stand for hours.

4. Consider the arch support offered by the given shoe styles. It's more important for people who suffer from back problems as well as people with flat feet.

5. It is a party and so many people feel colored shoes are the best. However, the shoe color should be based on the color of the dress. If you go for flowering dress, then you better stick with silver or black. For a solid colored dress, you can play with the colors to create a striking contrast. Red, brown, and blue can be overwhelming depending on the clothes you choose.

6. Just like the color of shoes, the decoration on the shoes should be related to the dress. You do not want to end up in a very ornate dress combined with overly decorated shoes. If your dress has many details, then stick the shoes that do not have it. On the other hand, if the dress is a bit plain, you can choose shoes decorated with jewelry that can be anything from rocks to flowers and beads. The secret is to try and balance with your dress, shoes and face.

So make the right choice and dance until late at night.

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